As much as we all would like to, we can’t bring our pets with us everywhere we go. Most of us have to leave our pets at home during the day while we’re at work. And sometimes, we have to leave our pets for longer stretches, like when we go on vacation. Whatever the reason, these tips can help make leaving your pet at home easier for both of you.

1. Hire a Pet Sitter and/or Dog Walker

Whether you’re leaving your pet(s) just for the day or for a week, it’s a good idea to hire a professional pet care provider. Dogs especially need extra attention and exercise on a regular basis for fresh air, exercise and loving attention.
If you are leaving your pet for any length of time, be sure that you have someone you trust to take care of your pet. Hiring an experienced pet care professional, like an ACGS Petsitter, will ensure that your pet is in good hands. Our pet sitters are Pet Sitters International accredited thus they can be trusted with giving your pets the care you have instructed including following through with their feeding schedule, freshwater, medication, exercise, and loving attention.

2. Give Detailed Instructions

Each pet has unique needs according to their health and personality, so make sure to let your pet sitter know everything. Leave food and medication instructions with your sitter so that they can refer back to them after you’re gone. If your pet cannot eat a certain food or treat, make that very clear. Also, tell your sitter about any personality quirks your pet might have. Some animals become anxious when they hear loud noises. Others only feel comfortable eating in a specific location. If your pet is slow to warm up to strangers, tell your pet caregiver to take things slow and give your pet space. The more detailed your instructions, the better your pet’s time is when away from you.

3. Leave Toys, Treats, and Other Comforts

It’s okay to spoil your pet a bit before you go on an extended trip. Get your pet a new toy or treat before you leave. If your pet gets anxious when you leave, put an article of clothing on or near their bed so that they can still smell you when you are gone.
Technology is a great way to comfort your pet from afar. Leave the radio on or ask your pet sitter to turn on the TV during the day. There are also several pet-related gadgets that let you interact with your pet remotely. Dog nanny-cams let you check-in on your pet from your computer or phone, and some of these cameras even dispense treats for your pet at the push of a button.
Automated food bowls are also a great tool. However, make sure you test the food dispenser before you leave, some pets can find their way into the machine which could harm them, or cause them to overeat. If you do choose to use an automated feeder, know that it does not replace human interaction and even a cat needs frequent attention.

4. Leave Calmly

If you draw a lot of attention to your leaving, it can induce anxiety in your pet. If you usually leave your pet while you go to work, when you are leaving for vacation, treat your departure the same as if it were any other day. Your pet is going to miss you and you are going to miss them, but reducing your pet’s anxiety when you leave is more important than extra pets and cuddles.
By following these tips, you can make sure your pet stays happy while you are gone. It’s hard to leave your pet alone for a day, let alone for an entire vacation, but you shouldn’t spend your entire trip worrying about your pet. Taking the proper steps before leaving will ease your anxiety and your pet’s.

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